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Security Information


Customer security has been the guiding star in the development of our Internet games. Great emphasis has been focused on the protection of your personal data and money. This has resulted in a system with an extremely high security level. Professional personnel maintain the systems and tight security precautions are taken throughout the organisation.

Protection of data

All transfers of delicate data via the Internet are encrypted under SSL. You are the only one who has the access to your personal login codes. The data is stored encrypted in our database.

All payment transactions to and from the gaming service are executed directly between the payment mediators by using their transaction systems. We communicate with the banks through specific and specially controlled communication channels.

Protection against unauthorised use of login codes

It is your responsibility to store your personal login codes safely. If an unauthorised person gains access to your personal codes they cannot transfer money from your gaming account to any other bank account except the one you have communicated to us. Amending the payment account requires verification in the form of a security inquiry and answer. Further, this is implemented using a specified delay, which in practise eliminates fraud.

Protection against intrusion

The gaming system is protected against intrusion with the help of the latest firewall techniques, intrusion prevention and traffic analysis.

Continuous security controls by independent companies

We consult several independent security companies to conduct continuous security controls and to develop security in gaming systems and with the organisation alike. As a gaming customer you can be sure that we will do all we can in order to provide you with the highest security available.


If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact our Support. You can always find the contact details at the bottom of the site.


We ask all our customers to be aware that so-called ‘phishing’ is an increasing trend on the internet. Phishing means that someone for criminal purposes "fishes" for bank account details, credit card numbers, login codes and other personal information.

We will never contact you with the purpose of obtaining such information and it is therefore important that you do not answer such questions. Contact our customer service if you suspect that someone is trying to obtain your login codes for the gaming service.

Security Information