Can I have more than one account with Speedy Bet?

No, this is against our Terms and Conditions. If you for some reason cannot log in to your account, or you are unsure if you have an account with us, please contact Customer Support either by live chat or email [email protected]

When do I need to send you documents?

The sooner you send us your documents, the quicker we can verify your account.

What documents do I need to send?

The specific documents that we need depend on each case. Our payment personnel will always specify which documents are needed via email.

What is KYC?

KYC means Know Your Customer. It is a security measure that we carry out as part of our gaming licencing agreement, so we know who is playing with us. Our aim is to keep everyone safe and happy.

What browser do you recommend using?

We highly recommend that you use Google Chrome, and make sure to update your browser!

What are cookies and cache?

Cookies are small files that save your preferences on a site. Cache memory consists of files that make the page load quicker. These can take up a lot of space and end up slowing down the site.

How do I clear cache and cookies on my browser?

Follow the instructions for your browser:
Google Chrome
Safari (iOS)
Safari (Mac)
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Then close the browser, start it up again, log in and try again.

What deposit methods do you offer?

At Speedy Bet we offer payment through Trustly.

What can I do if my deposit fails?

If your deposit is unsuccessful, we recommend you to double check your payment details, try again in an incognito window (the browser chrome). If you need any additional help, you can contact our Customer Support either by live chat or email [email protected]

What can I do if a refused deposit is deducted from my bank account?

When a deposit fails and is not credited to the gaming account, it usually means that your bank has reserved the funds, and that they will be returned to your bank account. How fast funds get returned depends on your bank, so if you have any questions about this, it would be if better you contact your bank directly.

Are there any fees for deposits?

There are no fees from our side when you make a deposit - all deposits are free. However, due to currency rates, there can be some differences between the amount you deposit in your currency and the amount you receive in EUR (€).

How long does it take to receive a deposit to my gaming account?

Deposits should be instant. In case any problems occur, please contact our customer support.

How long does it take to withdraw my money?

Withdrawals should be instant. In case any problems occur, please contact our customer support.

Can I make a withdrawal to someone else's account?

No, you can only use payment methods that you own, so that your winnings will be sent to the correct person, you!

Can I play with any other currency than EUR?

Currently (€) EUR is the only official currency used at Speedy Bet, so you will not be able to change the currency.

How do I place a bet?

Placing bets is really easy at Speedy Bet. Pick a sport and a subsequent event from the menu. When you have done this, you simply click on the odds of the selection you want. This will then be added to your slip, and when you are satisfied you click the button saying PLACE BETS in order to confirm your bet. 

How can I place a bet above the maximum amount?

In order to place a bet above the maximum amount, just enter the sum you want to bet, and when you click PLACE BETS this will be referred to a trader, who will get back to you really quickly with a decision. If the bet cannot be fully accepted, our traders will usually offer you some of your bet and sometimes at different odds. Then it’s your decision whether to accept or decline the counter offer. 

How can I see my bets?

Simply click the My Bets tab at the top of the betting slip. This will show all of your unsettled bets. For a history of your bets, click my account, then Bet History. 

How can I cancel a bet?

Once a bet is placed, it can’t be cancelled. Please be very careful when placing bets. Many bets will have cash out options available should you wish to cash-out. 

What happens if a match is postponed or cancelled?

Please refer to our terms and conditions by clicking here  for more information.

How long does it take to settle a bet?

Bets will be settled as soon as possible, but in order to ensure that bets are settled correctly, there might be a slight delay in settlement. Make sure the event has finished, and if more than 1 hour has passed since the conclusion, please contact us through live chat or email at [email protected], so that we can look into the matter for you. 

How does the Cash Out feature work?

Full Cash Out: (Where available) 1) Place a single or combo in the odds or live odds page 2) Go to the ‘My Bets’ tab on the bet slip 3) See the current Cash Out value of your bet 4) Take your return by clicking on the Cash Out button. Partial Cash Out: (Where available) 1) Place a single or combo in the odds or live odds page 2) Go to the ‘My Bets’ tab and click on the mini-slider button 3) Use the slider to Cash Out the amount you want. Please note that not all bets can be cashed out.

Can I play using a mobile?

Yes, at Speedy Bet we are proud to say that we have optimized everything for mobile. Your experience from your phone is second to none.

From where can I find your app?

At the moment you can find our iOS app for iPad and iPhone in the App Store.

Responsible Gaming
Can I set a limit on my account?

Yes, if you want to budget your games per day, week or month you can do so directly through your account, by clicking “Limits” or by contacting Customer Support, and we will be able to set a limit that you are comfortable with.

How do the limits work?

At Speedy Bet we offer a loss limit, deposit limit and a wagering limit. This guarantees that you will never lose, deposit or wager more than the amount you choose to set as your limit per day/week/month. So, for example, if you have a limit of €30 per week and you win another €100 (and withdraw it), your limit for that week is now €130 instead. Thus, you will not lose more than €30/week of your own deposited money.

I want to take a break from playing, how can I do this?

You can take a break with different duration options: 1 day - 7 days - 14 days - 30 days. You can do this by taking a time out directly at Speedy Bet, or by contacting Customer Support, and we will set it up right away.

I have excluded myself, but want to reactivate my account, what can I do?

In order to get the best/most effective time off from playing, it is best to wait out the whole period. However, if you wish to open your account before that period ends, please contact Customer Support via email or live chat.

While self-excluded, can I open another account?

At Speedy Bet you are only permitted to create one account per person. Creating another one when you are self-excluded is not allowed.

I think I play too much, what can I do?

We suggest you set a limit to budget your gambling in the Limits section, or take a break from gambling completely. You may self-exclude for a minimum of 6 months. If you need additional support, we recommend the following sites:
Gamblers Anonymous
Gambling Therapy
Betfilter (Software to block all gambling sites)

Licencing and security
Is my personal information safe with you?

We always keep your information safe. Only employees who need it for KYC and security checks have access to it.

Is my money safe with you?

Absolutely. The MGA does routine audits to confirm that all incoming deposits and all outgoing withdrawals are processed and paid in accordance with legal standards.

How can I be sure the games are not rigged?

We can reassure you that the games are not rigged as both we, and our game providers use Random Number Generators to determine the result of every game round. We are constantly monitored by an independent third party that makes sure that every spin is completely up to chance.

Do you have a gaming licence and what does it mean?

We have one license with the MGA that covers our EU players. You can find it here: MGA Licence.

I am afraid my account might be compromised, what can I do?

Contact Customer Support, close your account and change the password to your personal email account as well, in order to prevent further unlawful use. If you suspect fraud, report it to your local police, and we will cooperate directly with them during their investigation.